Rosario Institute: Teaching Plan


Rosario Institute used K to 12 as their curriculum. The goal of the curriculum was same with K-13 (Indonesia’s curriculum) which was focusing on students’ center. The basic competency in the text book was similar with K-13. At that time, I was not finding any difficulty in reading the basic competency and learning objective in the text book because those were stated clearly in the book. For the learning objective in the lesson plan, I created by myself based on the goal that I wanted from the topic. Because the curriculum emphasized the students’ creativity in exploring the knowledge, I designed the activity that made the students became active learners.

I taught in 10-Earth

Teaching Plan Related to My Major

Based on the observation, the format of teaching plan which teacher used at the school was almost similar with teaching plan in Indonesia. There was basic competency, learning objective, learning strategy, topic, activity, and assessment. Every week, there would be a new topic to be taught with different teaching plan. For English subject, the teacher would choose the topic from the text book which as the guidance. In the text book, a topic has learning objectives that teacher can follow for their teaching plan. Teacher can also add other learning objectives as long it fits to the topic and the students’ needs. After they have the learning objectives, the teacher is freely to choose the activities. So far, I did my lesson plan similar with them then it was not a problem for me. I tried to develop the activity based on my experience.

These were my lesson plans and media for grade 9 and 10.

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