Rosario Institute: Teaching Practice

Procedures of Teaching

My procedure of teaching was similar with my cooperating teacher. I started it with making lesson plan. Before that, my cooperating teacher chose the topic for me. I also followed the her lesson plan form as the guidelines, in case to avoid misunderstanding to the principal and cooperating teacher in reading my lesson plan. After I planned, I prepared the activities especially media that I wanted to use. I used PowerPoint in making the media for activities. I made it as interesting as I could. I needed to complete it before Monday, at least the first activity must be completed before that day.

As usual, the sequence of teaching in Rosario Institute would be beginning with brainstorming/motivation on Monday, topic’s explanation and small exercises on Tuesday until Thursday, and last on Friday would be given quiz and final project.

I started my class with asking one student to lead the pray. Then I greeted them. Before giving brainstorming or explanation I asked the students about what they learned in last meeting. After that, I moved to the activity, it could be brainstorming, explanation, or quiz. In explaining the material, I also gave small exercises to make sure that they understood to the lesson. Usually after the last day of explanation or quiz day, I announced their performance task for that topic. At the end of the class, I asked them to ask question that they still confused. Before leaving the class, I closed the class with greeting.

I gave brainstorming to 10-Galilee

These were three ‘Jingle’ performance tasks from 10-Earth about Pronouns.

Time Management and Organizing Activities

I taught 4 sections every school days. Every section had 60 minutes. I taught 9-Newton, 10-Earth, 10-Saturn, and 9-Galilee. The usual sequence in teaching was brainstorming (Monday), explanation (Tuesday-Thursday), and quiz (Friday).

Usually in opening activity I would spend 5-10 minutes. Then following to the main / whilst activity that spent around 45 minutes. For the closing activity would be 5 minutes. Sometimes every class which had same grade would complete the activities in different day. Let’s took the example, 10-Grade learned Pronouns in that week. 10-Earth finished the explanation on Wednesday meanwhile 10-Saturn completed in on Thursday. Even they had different time section, they still got same treatment. Then to complete it as the schedule, I tried to make it fast for certain part especially to the class which was not done yet. At the end, all classes in same grade would pass the quiz and performance task.

I gave a game to 10-Saturn


When I got problem that related to the teaching-learning practice, firstly I tried to solve it by myself. I would use my prior knowledge from my experiences or knowledge from college. If I still could not solve it, I would ask my cooperating teacher to help me. From her helped, I could learn something for that problem.

Classroom Management

Their seating arrangement was in row like usual. In a class, the amount students could be 28-30 students or more. In my class, I had rules such as used English in the classroom especially when they wanted to ask something to me, raised hand when they wanted to answer or ask question, and introduced a sign that meant “please be silent”. I also would give bonus point to the students could answer the questions and submitted on time.

I taught in 10-Earth

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