Sea Teacher: Summaries and Suggestions

Purposes of Practicum

Based on my experience during this teaching practicum, this program aimed to develop the student teachers’ ability in life-skill and teaching-skill. From the life-skill, we lived in different country, which meant our culture and environment were different with our own. We were supposed to adapt in new environment as soon as possible because the short-time of the program. We were pushed to deal with everything. For example myself, I was transferred alone to CvSU CCAT Campus in Rosario which was far from main Campus that half of my friends especially my team were stayed there. I only had my buddy who was Mila. She really helped me. I struggled to be alone. Everything was difficult in the first time especially in socializing to others. Unfortunately, I had coordinator in CvSU CCAT Campus which was Sir RJ that also helped me a lot. Then at the school area, not all of students could speak English fluently. Sometimes I got difficult when they asked me in Filipino because I could not understand it. Luckily they could understood English even not all of them could reply it fluently. In that case, I could practice my English so well. From having good communication with others, I could build good relationship with everyone.

In teaching-skill, I could apply what I got in the university. Both of theories and practices were applied when I had my practicum. When I got problem, I needed to solve it by myself or ask to others. Designing everything by myself and enriching the knowledge were the skill that I trained during the program. Even the practicum was only a month, but I could experience how to be a real teacher for my foreign students. Then in the future, I will not get shock to stand in front of them and explain the lesson. It was really helped me in the future later.

Procedures of Practicum

Firstly, I had classroom observation in three days. I observed the class activities and the students during these days. Then I had teaching assistance which helped my cooperating teacher in teaching. Usually in that day, Rosario Institute was holding quarter examination. After having teaching assistance, I began to teach individually in the classroom. I designed the lesson plan and activity by myself. My cooperating teacher supervised me at the back. The last was final teaching demo. I taught a topic that would be assess by my coordinator and cooperating teacher. So, those were procedures in my practicum.

Outcomes of Practicum

From the practicum, I got several beneficial points for myself. First, I could apply both theories and practices that I got from university to the real life. Second, I had experience in teaching real students. Third, I could solve the real problem that I found in real classroom situation. Fourth, I could reflect to my teaching that was helped by my cooperating teaching. Last, I could learn something new from teachers and students to be better in the future.

The Challenges of Practicum

The challenges that I found during the practicum were:

  • Students were understood to the English but not of them could speak English.
  • A topic would be discussed in a week.
  • I needed to create interesting media and activity to make them became active.

Overall Impression

I could say that it was my first time in teaching foreigners. I could learn their habits and compare with students in my country. Even they were different especially in the lesson that they learned and language that they used, but I could conclude that they were same. They were same as students, teenagers, and I was experienced it. I knew the feeling when I was enthusiastic to my favorite subject or bored to other subject. Then during my practicum, I tried to make it fun and interesting. I did not want to make it complicated even the lesson was hard. From that strategy, I wanted to be their teacher and also their friend. Then they would enjoy but focus during the lesson. I also learned from my cooperating teacher and others’ experiences when they taught the students. They often told me the problem that they faced and how to solve it. I was fun to have practicum in Rosario Institute. They were liked my family in Philippines.

With 10-Earth
With 9-Galilee
Groovy with 9-Galilee
My lovely buddies

Suggestions for Future Improvement

So far, after experienced the practicum from this program, I could give a suggestion only on schedule of student teacher. Even I got the schedule from my sending university in details but some of it were changing during the practicum. For example, in the beginning my coordinator told me that would not have final demo. Unfortunately, he told me that I would have it in two days later. It was better if everything was discuss and announce in the beginning. Then we could prepare everything as well as we could.

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