January 27, 2019

On Sunday afternoon, Mila and I planned to go to a historical place in Kawit. It was near Rosario. We rode bus twice. On our way, there was El Nino parade. I was lucky to watch it. Unfortunately, our bus could pass the way because the parade. Then we turned back to the shortcut way. We were stopped in the main road and we needed to ride a bus to go there. Unluckily, there was no bus that would pass that place. So, we walked around 10 minutes or more.

El Nino Parade
El Nino parade

Finally, we arrived in Kawit. I saw many people brought a doll that I saw in El Nino parade. I thought they also celebrated it. Mila asked her friend to join with us and we met her in Kawit. Her named is Lusiana. Actually, our first plan was going to Emilio Aguinaldo House, but it was already close because we arrived at 4:00 PM. Mila said that place was a house of first president of Philippines. It was so big, and the building was amazing. I really liked it. Then we bought snack in the food court that placed in the Freedom Park, in front of the house. I also tried dirty ice cream, and it was delicious liked in Indonesia. Yum!

Emilio Aguinaldo House
Emilio Aguinaldo House
Dirty ice cream
When we were in Kawit
Mila was took me the photo

This is my first excursion in Philippines. Even it was tiring, but I enjoyed it well ^^

See you again #Kawit!

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