Twin Lakes

February 3, 2019

On Sunday, Ma’am April who was my cooperating teacher invited me to visit her house. At 02:00 PM she picked up me at the campus. We rode tricycle together. I met her family. They were welcomed to me. I was so happy. I also met her cousins and friends. After having conversations with them, we had our late lunch. Ma’am April’s mom was cooking for us. So many foods! And the taste was ma sarap! (delicious).

Then Ma’am April told me that we were going to Tagaytay with her sister and her sister’s boyfriend. It needed an hour trip from Rosario. We rode Alex’s car. It was great place. We went to Twin Lake. We could see the panorama of mountain and lake from there.

Me and Big Egg
Swing swing
Ma’am April and I
View from Twin Lakes

After that, we continued our trip. They wanted to go to Ginger Bread’s House, but we could find the place and it was already dark. Then we went to a restaurant for having our dinner. I ordered kangkong (water spinach) with tofu. I was missing that food because I could find it in Rosario. Hahaha.

Our dinner

When the girls (including myself) went to the parking lot, we found Alex’s light car was broken. There was also a travel van. Some people said that travel car was crashed Alex’s car, but they did not admit it. They blamed Alex for that case. Until the police came, we went to the police station to solve the problem. Tagaytay was cool and I could not control it. After everything was done, we went back but Alex only could drop us until Terece. We continued our trip by riding jeepney, bus, and tricycle. We arrived in Rosario at 11:15 PM. Yes, it was late. The guard interrogated us, and Ma’am April and her sister explained in detail about the accident. I knew they worried about me, and my phone was running out of battery so I could not inform them. I was sorry to them.

Well, even we had accident, but it was memorable experience for us. I would always remember it. Then the next day, we told to Ma’am Cecil (the cooperating principal) and others. You could expect their reaction. Hihihi.

Thank you Tagaytay!

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