Thank You Philippines, See You Again~

February 12, 2019

The next day after closing ceremony was our departure day. Lia, May and Mod were already departure meanwhile Alit, Sinta, Sim, Woot, and I had same departure time. At 7:00 AM, Sir Renz and Joyce – Sinta’s buddy came. Unfortunately, Joyce cried because we would go back. It was hard but we needed to go back. I promised to myself that I would not cry anymore after the closing ceremony, then I just cheered her up.

Last picture in Hostel Tropicana CvSU
My last turon

We had our last breakfast in the canteen. I ate turon, and it would be my last turon. I am crying – kidding. After we done with our breakfast, we went to their schools that near Education Department area. We said good bye Ma’am Cecilia and the students.

Took picture with Ma’am Cecilia
Took picture with Ma’am Cecilia

We left Indang earlier because we wanted to buy souvenir. We had 3 hours trip from Indang to Manila. We went to SM Mall Manila. We bought some souvenirs and luckily it was not too expensive. We also had our lunch there. So full and so yummy~~

We had our lunch in SM Mall Manila

After we had our lunch, we went to Nihoy Airport. That was our last time with Sir Renz. We could say that he was our Daddy in Philippines. He accompanied us until we already check-in.

We arrived at the airport
Sir Renz and I

I could say that it was our lucky day because our waiting room was same with Woot. He was worrying if we would separate and he was alone but we still together. We waited almost 5 hours for our flight. There was a funny moment when Woot almost went to our flight also. Luckily, he could find his flight.

Bye Philippines. Let me visit you someday.

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