Thank You CvSU

February 11, 2019

Monday was our last day in Philippines. Yes, twenty-eight days already passed well. We had closing ceremony at the hostel’ hall at 9:00 AM. Everyone was coming. The president of campus, the campus dean, the coordinator, the staff, the buddies, and the cooperating principal and teacher. Unfortunately, Ma’am Cecilia and Ma’am April could not attend the closing because they had classroom observation. I was sad for it, but my campus dean – Sir Joe, the CvSU CCAT staffs, my coordinator – Sir RJ, and my buddy – Mila came to the closing ceremony. Even my cooperating principal and teacher were not there, I was lucky to see my Rosario family in my last day.

Sea Teacher Team
Mila and I

The president of CvSU Campus, Dr. Hernando D. Robles, CESO VI, gave his speech and officially closed the program. After his speech, SEAMEO student teachers performed a performance for the audience. Alit, Sinta and I were dancing Balinese dance, Sim and Lia were singing Westlife’s song, and May, Mod, and Woot were performing Karate. Everyone enjoyed our performance.

Sir Hernando and us

After the performance, we gave our testimony during the program. Seriously, I tried to not cry. It was so deep. Then we watched a video about us. I was missing my Rosario Institute family and I cried. So sad, yes. I wished I could meet them for the last.

Coordinators and Sea Teacher Team

The university also gave us token and certificate. I liked the packing of the token. The token was given by each campus dean that we belonged. Sir Joe gave the token to me. Then the certificate was given by the dean of education department of main campus, Ma’am Cecilia.

Sir Joe gave me the token
Ma’am Cecilia gave me the certificate
CvSU CCAT Campus family
My certificate and token

At the end of the closing ceremony, we took picture and had our lunch together. Then I realized, that moment would be my last day with them.

The buddies, Sir Renz, and us
Sinta, Mila, and I
Sinta, Woot, and I
This video was made by Arjake, one of our buddies. He uploaded in his YouTube channel. Thank you, Arjake ^^

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